Any of you guys or girls had this happen to you?

I'm 21 and look very young for my age. People told me I look like I'm 17. ( Sadly I think this is why I can't find a girl my age to go out with me) Going to bars or liquor stores people always give me "the look". When I was working a grocery store, all these young underage girls would be checking me out all the time. Some of them would come back and bring their friends. Was very weird, and somewhat creepy. Any of you deal with very young people checking you out?


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  • Being 19, and looking sometimes as young as 13 can be a real pain (I usually get 13-16 depending on what I'm wearing). I've had younger kids come up to me. I mean, I find it flattering that people find me attractive, no matter what age. Although, I have to say, it is a little creepy when somebody thinks I'm 14 or something, and then they come up to me, and they're like 30 (and then when I tell them I'm 19, they back off, like...isn't it supposed to be the other way around?). And, it does suck, because it probably does prevent some people from coming up to me (not trying to be conceited, but I know a lot of people overage are kind of freaked out by talking to underage people). But, whatever, it will be awesome when I'm older, and I look younger than my age.

  • If I were you I'd

    d take it as a compliment


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