Girls: ever seen a good looking guy in college that is always alone?

What is your first thoughts and/or impressions? ...?


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  • I don't have any thoughts. People are alone, so what

    • Not all the time in college; not even guys that see girls sending flirting signals and ignoring them (I'm one of those) because of their introvertedness - which I highly suspect many women don't understand

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  • I am like that too.

    I would assume he chose to isolate himself from others by choice. These days you can't just let anyone be your friend. I would think he was just there to get his schoolwork done and graduate.

  • I'd think that he's shy,maybe a little too much. I would be curious,but I'd assume he prefers being alone so I would not try for example to start a conversation with him

    • I'm guessing you would send him flirting signals, even though you perhaps only might want him as your platonic friend?

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    • No,I mean flirting with a girl they just want as a platonic friend, if they are single.. Flirting if you already have a boyfriend is not right toward your boyfriend,I get it, but single girls sometimes harmlessly flirt with guys they want just as platonic friends.. Don't guys do the same?

    • Nope

  • No I haven't. Usually a girl is in the vicinity.

    • But assuming if you did, then what would your thoughts/impressions be?

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    • Thanks. I'm a massive introvert plus I have bad experiences with girls so both those reasons are why I never approach them despite seeing their signals everyday.

      I started to wonder if anyone would think it was weird for a guy always being alone; even without guy friends around.

      So thanks to you both girls that were so good to answer

    • No problem :)

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