Can fidgeting be a sign of nervousness?

I saw my crush and I said hi and brought up a comment he made a while back. He seemed to get happy and he started smiling at me genuinely.

I asked him a quick question and he answered it and he said he was going to go so I tried wrapping up the conversation.

I noticed he wasn't really looking at me but at his hands ad he was kind of playing around with his gloves.

He then looked up at me and wished me good luck on my exams and smiled at me. I could tell he was genuinely smiling again.

Something about what he said seemed like he was kinda shy or a little unsure of himself. I thought it was cute!

Am I crazy for thinking he might have a little interest here? From talking to him in general I can definitely tell he likes my company because he will smile a good amount and be responsive when talking.

I just sometimes get the idea he is a little unsure if himself or uncomfortable because he doesn't look at me directly in the eyes when we talk.


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  • I am a shy guy myself and I do all of these to the girl I like. I think the girl that I like knows that I like her because I would do this and I think she might think it's kind of cute as well because she would smile when she sees me act that way hahah :p.. does it really work when guys act kind of shy/unsure? Lol

    • I find it so so so adorable. But I'm a shy girl and I'm sure I do stuff like that so maybe that's why? Idk. I honestly prefer if the guy is a little unsure and shy rather than overconfident-I take it as he cares what I think and wants to impress me, rather than simply thinking he has me already.

    • haha okay.

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  • @Title: Rhetorical?

    All the signs you monitor are signs of fear, nervousness, unassuredness, lacking confidence, etc. Whether romantic interest is present or not you instill this in him.

  • I would do this if I was ambivalent towards a girl and she was sending me big IOIs, so nervousness and fidgeting are possibly a double edged sword.


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