Why is he acting so strange?

There's a guy from my class who always looks at me in the hallway, but he doesn't smile or talk to me at all. If we're alone by the lockers (his locker is right next to mine) he seems to spend extra time looking at his phone or fiddling with the lock and his hands are shaking, as an excuse to stay a little longer? He was talking to this other girl from my class by the lockers and I joined in because it was about this upcoming test. I asked him a couple of questions and he answered, but he would barely look at me, he only looked at her (I wouldn't consider myself to be any less attractive than her). I had to get something from my locker and then he also went to his and suddenly said "I need to check what my next class is", though we're both in sociology class and both of us were going to have a presentation right after this... What's up with that?


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  • may be he is shy or nervous , but for sure he has some feelings , and you need to talk to make him loose what's inside him, try to start a conversation with him ( face to face)

  • Nervous and shy guy detected.


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