Is he creeped out or what?

I look at the guy I like a lot and I think he caught on to it. If he makes eye contact it's often long. We end up staring at each other a lot when I walk by, and I've even noticed him following me with his eyes. When he's close though he ignores me or looks in my direction but not straight at me. What is up with that? Am I making him uncomfortable?


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  • He might be creep out.Try to smile at him or even wave at him to see what he does.Sometimes guys are scared to make a move or say something when a girl doesn't give them a hint to invite them in their space.Try to smile and see what happens.Or even say hi to him and see how he responds.

    • Thanks for selecting my answer as the best answer.I hope thigns work out.

    • No problem! Thankyou!

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