Was he being nice or flirty?

ive been trying to be friends with a guy who tried hooking up with me and wanted to be fwb. he's been seeing a girl that he likes so I haven't really talked to him. I saw him and was wearing my hair down. he said" if I wasn't in a hurry I would stop and talk about how pretty your hair looks." a couple hours later I saw him with his girl. why say my hair looks pretty when he's hanging out with some other girl? was he just being nice?


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  • He was flirting. I'm sure you'd guess this since he wanted to be FWB. and I'm pretty sure although he has a girl friend he still wants to get in your pants. Not every guy is faithful.

    • hes a super faithful guy. that's why I thought he was just being nice, because his cousin said he likes this girl.

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