What do you girls look for in a guy?

what are somethings you look in for a guy to be boyfriend type material?


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  • He must be sweet, understanding, caring, romantic, outgoing (since I'm shy), and a good listener. Intelligence and a great sense of humor would be nice, and he must be kind to others. I would also like it if he shared some similar interests as me, such as playing video games and cooking, so that we would have some common ground and activities that we both can enjoy together. I would prefer it if he were taller than me, because I wear heels a lot, and I don't want to give up wearing them.


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  • i look for a good personality, someone who has integrity, character, morals, he's faithful, he is kind, caring and cares about me. someone with the same level of education as me would be nice but not neccessary lol. and physically I want someone who is the same height or taller than me and yeah, that would awesome if he liked anime as much as I do because I'm an anime freak but it's not required ;-)

  • Firstly, the usual things: love, loyalty, compassion, passion, trust, reliability, conviction; basically, an individual who is decent, has a good head on his shoulders, and doesn't do anything shady.

    Secondly, compatibility. Once I find out a guy is decent, I'd like to know how compatible we can be. And this is different for every girl. I personally look for intelligence. I love guys who read or who are film enthusiasts because I spend most of my time talking and writing about books and films.

    Most importantly, I personally seek guys who are family-oriented and traditional. Even if he possesses all of the above qualities but he is very focused on fame or money, I don't think it'll work because that clashes greatly with my goals in life. I'd like to start a family, spend time at home with the kids, provide for them, etc. I can't be with a guy who clubs every night or who needs to seek adventure because he can't enjoy the simple things in life.

    It's really different for every girl once you go beyond the basics. You can still be a great guy but not "boyfriend material" for a certain girl because the chemistry isn't there or because you're too fundamentally different. I suppose this is where dating comes into play.

  • i'd never go out with someone unintelligent, or someone that's manipulative to get their own way. and they'd have to really care about me, and show it in all sorts of ways.

    yeah, that's about it, oh and good looks are always a bonus ;D

  • Someone who is funny! He has to be trustworthy, never break promises, stick up for me, be there when I need him, be kind. Act like a gentleman. A guy who is good with kids is soo sweet. Someone who gets along with his family and especially his mum!

    • A funny, street fighting gentleman? haha, that's me! gimme your address, biotch!

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    • You live and learn....

      seriously, I'm probably the greatest gentleman that has ever lived. I only beat my bitch 2 times a week. she's so lucky and she doesn't even know it...

    • Haha yep I bet, honestly, I can't imagine you being a gentleman.

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