What kind of faces look best with hair up?

What kind of faces look best with hair up? Do girls with high geek bones look better with their hair up or in a braid


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  • I honestly don't think any girl really suits it, it's personal preference of course... but it's just one of my pet hates.

    • Oh I guess. I get a lot of compliments when my hair is in a braid or up. Down too, but I don't know I think my face is manly for it up

    • Oh it's just my preference I know a lot of people will like it... It's just something I don't like since most girls seem to pull their hair back so tight it just looks awful to me. I also don't like extremely curly or frizzy hair (which is also an unpopular choice). But I like many things which guys don't seem to go for, I really like girls with short hair or tom boy haircuts. I find that girls who suit that style do have nice delicate and defined facial features.

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  • Oh, those high cheek bones lend themselves so well to the hair being up off the face..yes..yes!

    Also more round faced girls look their best that way.


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  • If the girl has a nice face "period"

    then the hair up suits her.

    She doesn't have to have a particular bone structure for it.


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