He just kept staring?

So I was with my sister,her boyfriend and my younger brother and we were going to blockbusters. As I was walking in this guy in the shop seen me and we had eye contact with each other. When I walked into the store he was looking at me. So I was just minding my own business looking around and every time I was looking in his direction where he was standing he was just looking at me. I had no idea why, don't get me wrong this guy was very handsome. I just couldn't understand why. Guys can you maybe help me answer this?!


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  • Gal,he would be such a Flirt..!

    Guys do that usually.! :p even me too sometimes but not in a way that may offend a gal ! :p

    But sometimes it's like the guy may be really into you,I mean he might have got a sudden infatuation(some even call it in normal language as Love at first sight.!).

    haha..xD I'm getting that Love at First tune of Kylie Minogue in my mind :p lol

    Let me say,you didn't mind the staring at all,it was just that you didn't wanted it to happen before your sis and bro ?!

    and believe me you look good so a guy may really look at you in that way infact many guys but it's upto you to choose the perfect one ! :D

    and I'm sorry but you just didn't mentioned why you asked this question ?

    The reason ? and even why you want to know the answers ?

    Since you're a young 16 year old teenager,it's a common thing for you to feel so curious..!

    It's not bad at all.! Just enjoy your young days in your comfort ways and limits ;)

    Are you a Pisces ? :p

    • Thank you for your answer! It was just out of curiosity and I did like it. Thanks again for your comment.

      Nopee I'm a Taurus. (:

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    • Nopee! Hehe.

      Thanks again!(:

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  • Maybe he anted you to leave so he could be alone with her

    • What are you talking about? We were in a store and this guy kept staring at me. He was with a friend. So I wanted to know what it meant and why he was staring at me.

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