What persoanality would a girl want on a not-good looking guy?

never had the privelage of getting a girlfriend becuase I'm not good looking so how can I manipulate women to liking someone like me


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  • If they find you not good looking then basically nothing.


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  • I really appreciate people who can just be themselves, without caring about what other people think. As long as the guy has a cool sense of style and seems like an interesting person, I’ll give him a chance.

    • well the rest of the girls don't want that , and too bad ill never meet you , be yourself applies to guys only when they are good looking

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    • would you date him even if he's ugly

  • First of all, you cannot manipulate people into likeing you guenuinely. If they like you through manipulation it isn't genuine, and why would you want someone that doesn't really want you? Focus on learning to put your best characteristics in the fore front, let people see you, let them see why they should like you.

    • i would rather have it non genuine than non at all . My best and only good charactrisitc is swimming and women don't like me , becuase I'm ugly

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    • Of course I have! You know what I did to try to make up for it? Had random meaningless nights with people. What was the result of that? Feeling like shit about myself. Which STILL wasn't as bad as loving and being with someone who didn't love me back. I did everything I could think of to be good enough and it wasn't what he wanted. Now he's married to someone else and I'm engaged, life goes on, there was someone better for me out there.

    • well good for you , I wish ii can say the same . but I've never had a girl give me the privelage of speaking to her becuase I'm ugly

  • A humorous one.


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  • Adamfk1, yes that's why the earth's population is seven people instead of seven billio... ooooohhhhh, wait.

    Learn about body language, and more importantly about flirting signals. There's enough resources on Google and YouTube - girls give signals when they want guys to approach them; yes, even ugly guys as I've observed girls and their flirting signals

    • 7billion people , will I ever meet them all no

      are they all my age no

      are all of them female , no

      ive been rejected by almost 500 girls now and I've never had a girl talk to me , or smile and talk back when I talk to them , no signals , no nothing

    • Have you even try to learn about signals?

      Oh well ...ok, I'll play your game: Oooohhh boy, man are you destined to die alone. All girls want is some rich, good looking dudes. The averages dudes like us don't stand a chance!

      ...aaannnndddd I'm done

    • ive seen signals given to my friends and to other good looking guys , I know what they are , I've never gotten one

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