Wedding reception that ex will be at?

Okay so going to a wedding reception on Friday night...i need a hot outfit!

I have a few cool dresses and stuff.. but I dunno.

I need to look good, my ex will be there so yeah girls you understand why it is vital to look good and be all.. why id you break up with me?

soo.. any party look ideas?



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  • For a wedding - it depends, is it formal or semi-formal? (is it a "backyard wedding" or "the real deal"?)

    Think of how you'd like to portray yourself -

    Relaxed / Laid Back:

    - Blue jeans for a backyard wedding

    - Long skirt with a nice top for a formal wedding

    Hot on the market

    - Do your hair with a "crimped" look (not curls/waves) <-- PITA ;-)

    - Wear a nice coursage (or however you say it) like your going to a prom =)

    - Bring a date (having a date to the wedding is better than bringing a new boyfriend or going with your family - it shows you have potential boyfriends which make you look like higher value to other guys)

    - a pearl white dress with a little gloss and some nice heels will do the trick - with the dress it should be a little past the knees

    What I'm saying is this:

    Find out what your wanting to put off towards everyone, not just your ex - and then make the statement clear as day ^_^

    P.s. a great note would be to bring me along hah, One plane ticket to Ireland please and thanks (This guy will be jealous as all hell.. just sayin) ^_^ haha jk Amanda ^_^

    • Yeahh ill surely giev you a plane ticket ;) lol

      Sure jsut come to the wedding and we will show everyone up :)

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    • Hahah - ^_^ *Drives to Kodak* =/ ehhh whaaaa?? lol

    • Offft it will be there ;) :L

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  • well

    what if he doesn't care if your there?

    • I dotn care if he doesn't care lol gotta be prepared anyways :)

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  • Try Forever 21, I find they have the best party dresses and for such a low price! lol.