He was all into me then he said I'm not what he's looking for?

He texted me everyday called me beautiful and stayed the night w m. I was wearing a a shirt w a sports bra w short shorts and he tried to have sex w me and I stopped him because I wasn't ready... well the next morning he left so fast and barely kissed me well I told him I regretted stopping him but he said it was for the best and I'm not what he's looking for ... we also gave each other massages and I thought I heard him say that I should work out... so do you think he changed because he saw my body up close? I'm not fat but I do have an avg body w smallish boobs


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  • No. I think he changed his mind because he wanted to sleep with you and you weren't giving him that.


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  • No, he said it because you turned him down for sex, and then claimed to regret it the morning after.

    That sounds like someone who plays stupid games.

    • So what can I do to prove to him I don't play games I just wasn't ready and got nervous

    • I don't know.

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  • why would you regret turning him down when you said yourslf you're not ready.

    if yo regretted it you'd jump him. you dudnt regret it you regret that he lost interest-bc he's a just looking for sex. nothing you did wrong except regretting not giving in.

    • I got nervous it felt too soon but then I thought ab it and realized I didn't care if it was too soon I should have lived in the moment

    • no. if he really likd you he wouldn't take off just because you werent ready the instant he wanted sex. he'd be patient. I mean its not even as if he's been trying all this time. you don't just decide you don't like someone because they aren't at your service in the exact moment. he's got to be reasonable and resect your feelings. which he'd do if he cared.

      please don't think your mistake was not just being in the moment. you listened to your intuition. don't shame it in retrospect. .

    • But what if he thinks I'm playing games like the guys answer said?

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