Why do girls my age hate me?

I'm in 10th grade and I'm very mature looking and acting for my age(enough to more often then naught, trick college girls). I catch a lot of older girls looking at me, and girls about 2-3 years younger looking at me, but never any girls in my grade looking at me. I don't know jack shit about the younger girls, but I know the older girls who have caught looking at me are of a high quality.(Student council member(including president), honor society members, grades are high eighties and up, dresses super nice) I'm not saying it's a problem, I love it! Hell, there's even an 18 year old girl who I'm fairly certain likes me.(talk almost everyday, and wants to do stuff with me a lot). The only thing is I don't understand why girls in my class don't care for me. I have the highest grades in class, I'm the tallest guy in school, I'm as, if not more, muscular than the super jocks, my hygiene is impeccable and I'm far from ugly...what gives?

Yes hate is an exaggeration, but I thought I might draw more answers in.


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  • Lol would have thought reading your own question, you could have easily found the answer yourself..

    Younger girls look at you, older girls look at you, what does that tell you? It tells me that the girls in your area either prefer younger men, or older men.

    • Perhaps, but I'm an anomaly. The girls in my grade do go after the guys in my grade, just not me, the immature guys, and the retards.

      I'm in my own little sub-class, aren't I special.

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    • I'm quiet, but I don't know about intimidating. I may be big, but I don't intimidate people unless I'm in gym, or someone gets me angry (rarely happens) .

    • People tend to see quiet people most of the time as '' Unfriendly.'' '' Stuck up.'' ''Intimidating.'' Almost always.

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  • High school is a weird time for all of us and, personally, not a lot of my 10th grader friends are dating. This may just be me, but I think that you should wait. But, if you really want a straight forward answer: Chances are (if you are as smart and good looking as you say you are) girls are just intimidated. They don't want to be rejected, so they don't ask.

  • ... Well first of all no one likes someone with a potty mouth...

    And oh my god I'm in the 10th grade too! Sometime I feel like I'm too young to be on here...

    And we'll the reason that girls don't like you is because I know that girls in the 10th grade tend to date younger or older then them... And plus those girls probably went to elementary school with you and so they know you... They know basically everything about you... Like those akaward years in the 7th grade... And because they know you so well they aren't really attracted to you because your like a brother to them...

    And how do we really you're not fugly... People's term of fugly varies...

    And for gad sakes it's the 10th grade... Stop with desperation!

  • ugggghh that's highschool for you buddy.

    I would date someone from a different school.

    • That's the 18 year old girl.

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  • "I'm in 10th grade"... stop right there.

    Girls your age don't just hate you, they hate each other too. It's not you, it's them.


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