What will my baby look like?

I am white and my boyfriend is half kashmiri(Indian) and half burmese. He has brown eyes,black hair and light skinned. I have blue eyes,brown hair. I have never met or seen any baby who has this mixture so I am just curious.


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  • Guess someone didn't pay attention in Biology class..

    You won't know what exactly the baby will look like until they are born. You can get an idea of what the skin color MIGHT be but really there's no exact way of finding out what eye color they will have, their skin tone, nose, lips, smile, etc. until after the baby is born.

  • All about dominant and recessive traits.

    Without mutations (accidents) on the babies DNA, the baby will most likely have:

    Brown eyes, a dominant trait

    Black hair, a dominant trait

    Light skin, a dominant trait

    Blue eyes, brown hair are both recessive traits. You just happened to beat the odds


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