Ladies, what do you look for in guys?

What kind of attitudes, styles, lifestyles, moral values, hair, eyes, etc.

And here's a quick poll for hair types.

  • Long Curly/wavy hair (Think Antonio Banderas)
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  • Short straight hair (any style)
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  • Long Straight hair (any style)
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  • Shaved/ Buzzed / Military
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  • Fro / Mohawk/ Other
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  • Appearance is what your asking about (either the outside or inside of a person)

    These traits you have listed should be classified to your own personality ; obviously with personality types some work better than others, and I will go further into this later.

    As of right now, what hair do you think you should have? If you google the phrase "Hairstyles for me" you will see websites listing ideas and thoughts on different hairstyles, and also potential looks (thanks to the media) -- It depends on what types of facial features your proud of and how you fit into what you choose that makes you more confident, women will take note of the extra confidence (this is a big turn on)

    As far as lifestyle - women want someone that is fun but serious / interesting but interested / etc and so forth - Additionally, it helps if you have a clean place and take care of yourself - no one wants a momma boy (This is just constructive critisism as I don't know you and I see a lot of slobs in life)

    The major traits I have seen in action that express rather than impress are these:

    - Job (If you don't have one, looking for one is just as important [dont just turn in applications, harass these jobs and eventually you will get one])

    - Transportation (Mopeds are a little out there, spend some saved up money on a car whether its parked or not and get it into a good running condition, smoke out the back isn't a good sign ; backfiring isn't either)

    - Place to stay (While this isn't that important, it shows you are stable and depend on only yourself to pull through, you don't need mom / dad anymore. It also helps when setting up romantic dinners etc)

    - Fun / Interesting / Interested ;; take her places, but its not where you go - its what you do while your there. This means splashing her with water (but expressing a level of maturity to know when to quit) ;; Let her talk about things, and show that you are listening by questioning stuff she says to get finer details (Pay close attention as these can come very helpful in future dates) ;; And also, be interesting in return. **Note: Women like to talk, alot-- they should be speaking for 70 percent of the time and you for 30**

    I hope these pointers help -- here's a "shortened version"

    - Do what makes you - "You" (Clothing / Hairstyle / Lifestyle / etc)

    - Be confident ;; as many women have said, it is very "sexy" or alluring

    - Be social; most women like the guy that approaches them and makes most all the first moves (Initiating contact is intimidating, but don't overanalyze things, just do what you want)

    - Be creative; have fun where you go and where your at now

    - Have a goal in life; college/work/etc -- women like to see a potential boyfriend going somewhere

    - Be upfront; don't stand there letting mind games work you, instead let her know that you are interested.

    Again, if I can help in any other way, message me and ill try my best~


    • Damn dude you impress me with your insightfulness and at only 19. I agree with you completely on your pointers, that is because I already believed them. Its good to see I'm not the only guy out there that isn't afraid to be himself, if you need to pretend to be somone to get a gal its not gonna last. I just want some constructive opinions from ladies, and guys a like( so long as they know what they are talking about, like you.) One question, have you ever considered being a motivational speaker?

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    • Thanks to everyone -- and thanks silky-slim I appreciate the award - hopefully others will find the information useful

    • Woah, I don't feel the need to post anymore, haha.

      I'll just say that I love when guys don't care what anyone thinks of them--they're fine just being themselves. And I personally think curly hair is adorable, but I could care less what a guy's hair looks like...unless it's a complete mess.

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  • I love hair to be either super long and straight, or curly (any lenght).

  • i just told my boyfriend last night why I truly liked him and it was because he was funny and sweet but joked around with me at the same time. he truly cares about me and tells me occasionally. he likes to just sit and hold me instead of constantly messing around. just sit a hold a girl and she will love it. he does what he loves and doesn't change for people. man I love him.

  • I'm more attracted to personality. But whenever I see a guy with huge plugs, I usually attracted to them. It just looks so tribal and also I like facial hair and cause I'm short I like really tall guys. Also I like big huge bug eyes.

  • Saying antonia banderas makes the first one sound the best but in reality only he and very few other people look hot with that hairstyle. D is best for the average guy.

  • I like guys who are funny and sweet.


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