Outfit ideas? + more!

Hello, GAGers! Hope you all had a really great Christmas! I know I did, since it was my birthday as well yesterday!:)

Anyways, time for my question. My man is taking me out tomorrow for my birthday, he has a "plan" he says, but I do know it'll be dinner and probably a movie. Pretty formal. The outfit I'll be wearing is in my picture (hope it's good!) and I just really need makeup/hair help.

How should I do my makeup? I really dislike too much, even lipstick can be too much for me (I can consider though!). My eyes are probably my best feature, being a weird orange/green colour (on my profile) and my skin tone is what I call "beigey brown" hahah.

Now..hair. I'm REALLY bad with doing different hairstyles and never usually do anything to it. My hair is long and wavy.

Pics would be nice!

What would GUYS also think is too much? What would you wanna see your girl look like on a date night? Thanks!
Ps: I have no makeup on in my profile picture, so I hope it kind of helps with ideas? I know it's not the best picture but I feel you can see my face structure pretty well?


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  • I'd get a new hair style for your birthday. Leave it long enough to keep the wavy effect, but give him a new look. Ask the hair stylist about what makeup would look good with the style, since they have experience giving that kind of advice.

    Guys like different looks from time to time!

    • Thanks hun! :) Yeah I'm going to be doing it all myself though, hair and makeup. I feel that the hairstylist always goes overboard haha, and I've been to MANY. I like to do it simply and elegantly my own way:) Thinking of doing the wavy effect and makeup, a look similar to this:


      Hoping I can pull it off! Thanks again for your answer :) !

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    • Best Answer, I'd say!

    • Thx, dreamer!

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  • 19, wow. I feel old now, thankssss

    It's aight, not great. Then again, why should you care what we think, it only matters what he thinks, right?


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