Any hairstyle suggestions? Dealing with edges and splitends?

So I've trouble with my hair my whole life.

(Feel free to skip my hair story and go down towards the question)

For example:

1. Baby pics my first one when I was born all smoothe and pretty, but most neww born's hair are. Shortly later I was rocking a fro and looked like a really pretty boy, lol.

2. As my hair grew I hated getting it combed or even touched. Yes, it was somewhere between nappy and tangled.

3. The first time I got my hair flat ironed I fell in love with it being straight and long. Even though I was tender headed and it hurt like Hell. (But eventually it wasn't as long as I thought becuase I started to grow)

4. My mom wouldn't allow me to get a perm, becuase she gave my sis one and didn't take care of it, That being said I got my hair done as much as possible because ponytails, twist, and braids has an age limit.

5. Everyone loved my hair , it was my thing it worked for me.Even once I grew I had a great length it was just above the middle of my back.

6. I was warned not to get it done to often though, but it was just an obsession. I loved my hair when it was styled whther it was just straight or styled, as long as it was done!

Someone told me that I could train my roots and I had my mind set on it. So I wouldn't have to damage my hair so often and have it poof back up momets later. But, ofcourse that ment straightening it quite a bit as well.

I got what I wanted.. Well at least close to what I wanted. But, my hair wasn't as long as it once was. (So I letft it alone for a while and two different times it grew back to a nice length, and when I nedded it the most.

(Read from here)...

Now the reason I ask my question is I'm dreading something worse than split ends... It's my edges, and even though they are growing back (i'm not sure how well) It's my roots! The reason I burned my hair in the irst place!

It seems to be growig back crooked! Ofcourse it isn't STRAIGHT! It's too short to style/straighten it how I want to! And it just sticks out from the rest off my hair. Not to metnion I still have split ends on top of that!

So I really need a new hairstyle. One that I would LOVE and woudn't constantly have to restyle my hair. If you know a stlye in which I woudn't have to shav eoff my edges that would be Great, but I highly doubt you can. I'm definatley willing to shave the edges, but when it comes to the length (that I haev left) there is a slim to none chance tha I'll do a short cut.

So just wanted to say Thanks in advance for your suggestions =)
Also I'll take suggestions on products to help grow my hair back, keep it styled, etc.

Thanks again :)


Most Helpful Guy

  • Pantene (salon performance I recall?) is pretty good at condition the hair (I'd know for having pretty long hair)

    The long hair but try and keep the bangs parted as the bottom of the hairstyle is curly/wavy.


    I think it'd be a beautiful style.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Deep condition twice a week


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