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So I normally dress casual jeans & tshirts with nikes or jordans ,rarely use makeup(dont need it) ,is that sexy? I'm just wondering what you absolutely think is most attractive on a girl in general and on a date. include make up and hair, I know you guys are generally not into details but it would be helpful, what about a womens smell like perfume ,would you prefer jeans and a tank top or jeans and a girly button down blouse? Straight hair or wavy/natural? Make up or her natural beauty?


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  • I prefer natural beauty and I also like a girl to wear a dress or a skirt. That is one of the first things I look for in a girl because it can often tell me whether she has class or not. Those yoga pants things are the biggest no.

    A subtle perfume is nice, or just a scented shampoo. A bit of makeup when you're going out but make it classy and don't wear it all the time.


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  • I find the tight-fitting clothes are more attractive than baggy ones. So if you're wearing tight jeans and a tight t-shirt and have a big ass/tits to fill them with, it can be sexy.

    And I hate all perfume smells.

  • From the style you described, I personally find that attractive. I like a girl who doesn't wear all of those "high fashion" and "preppy" clothe... unless you are going out on a date or somewhere nice.

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  • No that is not sexy


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