Will she ever talk to me again? Please help!

I try to keep it short!

I was in a McDonald drinking a cup of coffee. A guy came in with a girl.. did their thing and took a seat close to me.

Before they got to the table, I was staring at them but just a usual "check" as people use to do.. then suddenly the girl looks at me from the corner of her eyes when the guy is not looking. That look surprised me (kind of 'i like you' look), because I wasn't expecting on a look like that but I didn't show it.

She kept doing this look a several times so I returned it. I had doubts about she being with a guy doing this, but I was thinking that he is a friend of her's or something and not boyfriend.

At the end they stud up to live and at the given moment I thought I should do something, so later I wouldn't regret that I didn't. So when the guy wasn't looking I took out my phone, and showing her a gesture of phone number.. she pointed at the guy from his back showing "i can't because he's here".. They went outside and stopped at the street corner (I was sitting at a window towards them) for a short talk (the guy seemed blushing) then they split..

Than the girl looked at me from the outside and signed whit her head "come on".. I went for it; a short talk, I gave her my number than split..; after 20 minutes she sent me a message (along with her number).

About the guy she said that it was her Orifflame costumer..

For a few days we were just chatting on Facebook. Than I asked her out for a drink and she agreed. Than the next day, one hour before the meeting, she messaged me that she can't go because she forgot about a piano lesson she has. So than we just kept talking through messages and after a while she gradually started not to be as interested as before. (than I just felt it that way)

Now I really don't know what went wrong; did I said something wrong or other but now she won't reply to my message. I tried not to overflow her with messages while she started acting like that but maybe I didn't do it well enough..

I have regrets and doubts but I can't change anything in the past.

Is there a possibility or a way that I could get her to talk and make her interested in me again? Or is just lost.
Oh, and once she said that she really liked the way we got to know each other; the start..
*lately she's been saying that she's busy. But I don't know. I mean I can be busy but I still can make a few minutes for something/someone that's important to me, no matter what, even if its within one or two day delay.


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  • You could be being to eager or it could of really been her boyfriend in mc Ds. Stop texting if she is single & likes you she will contact you :)

  • Let her be the one to get back in touch

    • So far she clicked "like" on a few recent update on my Facebook page. I did the same to her..

      Should I write, or let her to reply on the message she didn't reply last time?

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