How to look sexy when you're the "delicate" type?

I get more than my fair share of attention and compliments but I don't really believe them. I don't feel at all sexy. I see loads of girls that I would consider very sexy but I don't think I can look like that.

So how can you look sexier if you have delicate facial features (small bones & nose, average lips and big eyes) and are kind of lanky (hour-glass figure but always get the joke about being invisible when I turn sideways)? I tend to look lady-like no matter what I do. I really want to be sexy.


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  • When you see the girls that you would consider "sexy", what specifically do you think is sexy about them? Is it a hairstyle, the way they do their makeup, their clothing, or just their aura? Sexy is really subjective and can differ based on the individual girl or guy. Are you just wanting to feel sexy on certain occasions to express that facet of your personality, or are you wanting to attract a specific person? My personal feeling is that you should look at those aspects you think are sexy in others, and then mirror those in your new look/style. Go to places like pinterest and look at different styles of clothing, makeup, etc, and put pieces together that speak to you. Then make it happen! Copy the look. If your goal is to attract a person, and you start by feeling comfortable and sexy according to what you think is sexy, then it will ultimately attract the type of person that is comfortable with who you are in reality. You also need to come to terms with the things you can't change like specific facial attributes. The more you embrace yourself, the more confidence you will gain, the more confidence you gain, the sexier you will be to others. It took me years to get to this place but I personally believe that if you "think" you are sexy, then you will be sexy.

  • Save sexy for the bedroom, honestly. Woman in the streets, freak in the sheets


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