If you saw a picture of an ex

and she/he is not looking that good as when you used to talk/date , it is just a bad picture of them , would this erase the beautiful image you had for them when you were talking , or it won't do anything as you can easily remember how do they look rather than the photo ?


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  • has someone been a bad photo of you? we all take good and bad photos, except for those lucky photogenic people! but, it shouldn't change how you think or remember somebody really. if it does then who wants to know those vain people? and what with selphies and air brushing we can all be celebrities now! but no one really cares, right?

    • yeah you are right , it is just that my ex used to think I am so pretty and like that , but he broke up with me and then a mutual friend of us posted a picture of me 2 years ago whien I was still with braces and that stupid hair cut ,so I got so sad that this would change the idea he had ? or not ? , I am not shallow I know he loved me for who I am am, but you we girls care about the looking thing too :D . what do you think?

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    • i can't be that bad, I bet your gorgeous and a little vain :p

What Girls Said 1

  • I would have them blocked long ago lol

    • what do you mean? you mean you would have them already blocked from the time of the break up ? , or you mean you would block them after seeing the ugly picture ?

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