How does one help another with negative self image/ confidence?

I have a really close male friend who struggles with a negative self image and confidence issues. I know that in the end its up to him but I was wondering about other experiences you may have with handling this type of thing.

My friend is twenty years old and living on his own for the first time. He works with computers so he has had significant weight gain due to his lack of physical activity and he still has major acne problems. He has had migraines ever since his childhood and is used to dealing with them and most things on his own. He has accomplished much but doesn't appear to feel like he is happy with who he is.

Is there a way I can try to help and if so how should I go about it?


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  • One, firstly must make sure that ones own self image is that of beauty. Secondly a low self image is caused by an overload of negative statements directly and especially indirectly, there are many roads home. I would suggest asking them to buy an A4 pad and write 25 things they like about themselves. (It's usually things one LOVES about themselves, but this task is often difficult for those with low self esteem.)

    They are to read this list back to themselves in the mirror, and each morning the must write another page, and so forth until the book is full!

    On your part, be conscious of things they do and say that you agree with, and really reinforce your agreement verbally.

  • 1 - Have him use these two products, I've used everything from Proactiv, to AcneFree, and Acutane, but I swear by these two products greatly.

    Purpose Face Wash:


    Afterwards, use this:

    Aveeno Lotion:


    2 - Exercise with him, if his weight is making this an issue, help him along the way, make a resolution to get in shape so he can be a new person. Hell, I used to be 200+ pounds, and let me tell you, it's like being reborn.


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