Are there guys here who don't care what their girlfriend looks like?

Are there guys here who don't care if their girlfriend is physically unattractive? I'm not talking about guys who choose "unattractive" girls because they can't find anything better... I'm talking about guys who can date pretty girls and unattractive girls and choose the unattractive ones sometimes.

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  • I think that first impressions mean a lot. That doesn't have to revolve around looks. To me it matters how a girl presents herself. Is she confident about herself, does she take care of herself both mind and body. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I have dated hot and not so hot women, to me it really depends on what is underneath.


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  • They have to be attractive through my eyes. There are some girls that I think are 10's that my friends say are 6's and vice-versa. If there isn't physical attraction between us, it just won't work.

    • I agree with joejoe here. The least you can do is keep up the hygiene and make yourself not only presentable but approachable as well. Attraction doesn't always have to be instant; it can grow over time and it'll happen much faster if the person is nice.

What Girls Said 2

  • Of course looks matter that's all you have to go off of until the person starts to talk,

    so if their looks don't draw you in what will?

  • I think if someone is off their rocker kind of like someone I know...they will not date that crazy gal. Looks matter but not as much as issues and whatnot.