Am I over thinking about my uncle?

I don't remember much about my uncle, but ever since I found out he cheated on my aunt, I've just seen him differently. Now theyre back, and they both seem happy, but he just seems kinda creepy to me. Like when I was young and I've seen him, we weren't close or anything. But when my family was talking to their family on Skype, he was really drunk and he kept on saying how beautiful I look and all those sweet words to me. I felt uncomfortable because we weren't close. And today I got this Facebook comment from my cousine, telling me how beautiful I am in a profile picture. The thing is I wasn't close with my cousine either. He was much older than me, and I moved away a while ago. But I don't think of my cousine how I think of his dad, and I just have this gut feeling that it was his dad who wrote that. Because since my cousine isn't close, he wouldn't comment on a picture. He would just like it. And in our native language, the way he described how beautiful I looked would seem weird because of the words since we aren't close. Am I over thinking about this?


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  • Go on Facebook and IM your cousin, tell him thanks for the nice comment he made on your picture and tell him to call you. See what the reaction is from there.

    • but it'll be weird though :$ I mean, we just have each other on Facebook. We don't really talk..

    • You're mainly just getting his reaction to calling you. But if he agrees to you don't have to talk long or anything. Just ask how everyone is doing and tell him you wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year.

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  • What you are feeling is once a cheater always a cheater. The way he is playing with you and you think it might be him is possibly correct.

    My parents were divorced and my father cheated on my mom and I never had respect for my father but deep down I am glad my mother left him. My step father was a great man.

    Your feelings of thinking of him differently are justified. Adultery is a severe character flaw.

    Good luck,

  • Hmm, sounds kinda shady...


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