Is it an indicator of interest if a guy tilts his head when looking at you?

I've noticed when I talk to a guy I like I tilt my head and smile without realizing it. Not sure why but it seems to be a subconscious thing.

I've noticed if I talk to this guy I like I tilt my head and smile a lot at him. He usually tilts his head too when we are talking. If I greet him and I smile he tilts his head and smiles back at me.

I obviously don't think if a guy tilts his head when looking at a girl that he's in love or anything lol. Just that he is interested in what she has to say and is open to her. Am I right?


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  • Yeah I think it shows that he could be interested.But I think their is other factors to observe if a guy is interested or not.Besides tilting the head and smiling I thin kalso look at how close he stands next to and also if he is making eye contact or if he is observing your body.Im assuming if your both smiling then your both happy to talk to each other which is also good signs.

  • i don't think you can use this as a tell tale sign. I wouldn't want other factors.

    A tilted head could indicate puzzlement, curiousity. it could indicate interest but it could be specifically in something you said OR it could indicate interest in you overall.

    from body language studies I know the tilted head indicates piqued interest in something.

    Typically a tilted head is supposed to indicate curiousity. the act of tiling the head is a manifestation of the mind trying to get a different perspective on info that is being processed (like trying to see it in a different perspective). the greater the tilt the more curiousity.


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