Could you accept your S/O thinking you are average looking?

Lets say you asked your boyfriend or girlfriend to tell you what they thought of your looks and they said that they thought you were average would you accept it?


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  • Well, realistically speaking, I know that I am your average kind of pretty, so it's not as if I ought to be offended by a guy I'm dating thinking that. I know I'm not the hottest, most gorgeous woman out there just as I know he's obviously not dating me solely for my physical attractiveness (at least I hope he's not- I'm WAY more than just a pretty face).

    As long as he thinks I'm awesome in general, I don't really care if he doesn't think I'm over the top beautiful. Of course, if he feels the need to go around telling me that all the time, I might question why he's doing it. But if I asked for an honest answer and he gave one, is it fair to be pissed off at him? I don't think so...


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  • Are you THAT messed up that you cannot accept an honest opinion. Would you be happier with someone who lies?

    I also believe that a persons personality has a lot to do with how they look. So guessing your boy friends opinion was skewed by your glaring personality shining through.

    • Yea.. It doesn't work that way. I've had multiple guys be attracted to my personality, but openly admitted that I wasn't good enough looking to date and that would have been a problem. So the whole "her personality makes her attractive" does not work out of the mouth of men. Sorry.

    • @lananoel: Anybody who rating themselves by what others think has a messed up personality.

      So regardless of your many obviously blind guys They have the problem NOT you.

      you are very pretty.

  • I would stay with someone that didn't desire me. That's a recipe to be cheated on...

    • *wouldn't

    • cant average be attractive too?

    • Sure, but there's a difference between being average to other people. and being seen as average by someone who is totally into you. Those are very different things entirely...

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  • Yeah. Especially if your significant other could get other partners to go out with them. You probably are smart, have a great personality, or you guys are just compatible. Unless he was joking (which could be the case.) This question is really asking "Do you accept honesty" My answer is definitely yes. If I ask my man a question I expect an honest answer not my thoughts in a male voice( though it would be great if they were one and the same)

  • NOPE. I don't base relationships on looks, but men almost always do. So if he doesn't think I'm hot I'm leaving. Men are visual creatures and I need to stimulate him in that area.

  • that is rude


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