How to change up your style without spending a whole lot of savings?

So how do you change from winter to spring to summer clothes styles.

How long do you keep your clothes? For one Season? For 2-3 or more years.

What are the best pieces of clothing in your wardrobe.

What do you want to do to change your hair from winter to summer style?

Do you like dresses or pants? Casual or dressed up?

Floral prints, geometric, solids?

What do you do with your clothing to make it stylish


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  • 1. I tend to layer so I can wear the same clothes for all occasions. In the winter I pull out leggings to wear under shorts and skirts and dresses and jackets and sweaters to wear over shorter sleeved shirts. I also have a box of pants and long-sleeve shirts that I keep with the winter clothes. In the summer I have a box of t-shirts and sandals that I swap out for summer time.

    2. I generally change wardrobes slowly, filtering out somethings and adding new ones, but I'll go all out around every year and a half and dump everything and get a whole new set of clothes. There comes a point where things just look worn and old and not as professional as they used to.

    3. Jackets. I love my jackets. I have some for every season and they're my favorite things.

    4. Nothing. I generally find a hairstyle I like and stick with it until I get completely sick of it for various reasons. In the winter, if my hair is short I'll just knit a bunch of hats so I never have to worry about it. In the summer if it's long I'll buy a lot of bandanas so I can keep it up and off my neck.

    5. It all depends on the situation. I like them both equally at different times.

    6. Geometric and solids work best on me. I've got kind of an edgy look and floral just looks old and weird and stupid on me.

    7. I've got a few belts that I can mess around with. I've got a lot of earrings and jewelry to accessorize. And I've got my style- my hair is pretty funky and I've got a number of ear piercings that add a bit of youth and edge to my style and keep things looking young and fresh.

    As for generally cheap clothes- Macy's and JC Penny right after new years/Christmas time is perfect. I just got a whole new wardrobe and everything I bought was less than 20 dollars and ALL of it was 75% off of an already reduced price. I ended up getting six pairs of pants and ten new shirts for less than $150.

  • I always shop for winter during spring and summer/spring during winter. That way, all the clothing I'm buying is on clearance. I hope this is helpful!


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