Are certain shoes trashy?

ive heard people say the phrase "i could tell she was a slut by the shoes/boots she was wearing".

was even watching TV yesterday and heard the line on a show..

so I'm wondering... if you see a girl, what kind of shoes or boots does she have to be wearing to know she's a slut or promiscuous or whatever.

or is it more maybe the clothes she wears with the shoes and how she carries herself?

maybe the event in which she's wearing such particular shoes too?

maybe some shoes you can't wear to church or a family function and you can wear to a club?

are there shoes or boots out there that say if you went to a wedding or something with family and you wore some heels are there certain shoes that maybe your parents would comment on as being inappropriate?

just this line really puzzled me theyre only shoes after all didn't know some could be considered trashy or whatever

maybe provide links for examples ladies to explain this better to me?


ive always found heels like these to be pretty sexy on girls and make their legs looks sexy and long... are these considered trashy or sexy?


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  • Are you familiar with the acronyms CCM or CFM related to shoes, stiletto heels in particular. Come Catch Me. Come Fuck Me. Those are shoes that are very sexy which is why they never go out of style. Here are a few examples: link link link

    • first 2 links don't work... from what I saw in the 3rd link I don't see anything trashy about those... ya theyre sexy but also classy nothing wrong with them... so I don't see the point of "come fuck me heels" or whatever you're referring to. maybe if I see the 2 other links my wife has shoes just like the 3rd link

    • They aren't trashy but some people will label anything so sexy as trashy. I love them!

    • can you repost the first 2 links?

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  • Mr. Oracle hit the nail on the head! I was even looking for about the exact same shoes as in his links.

    The stripper heels are the classic trashy shoes... Because they're mostly worn by strippers when they're on the stage. And I've never seen self-respecting women wear them. They are not elegant, not sexy, not ladylike, not classy. They're tacky and just screams for sattention in a cheap kind of way.

    Some people might also consider the thigh-high boots as trashy because of Julia Roberts's character in Pretty Woman. They consider thigh highs as shoes that are only worn by prostitutes. Personally, I think it depends on the combination. A coworker wears them with skinny jeans so they don't look slutty. But pair them with hot pants and black net stockings, they'd definitely look sluttier.

    The shoes in your link, QA, are all fine. Some are more suited for the club than for weddings, but they're not trashy.

  • Yes


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  • Most of this is pure crap... BUT, there ARE some specific types of shoes that tend to strongly point to certain things.

    For example, clear lucite platform high-heels are pretty universally known as "stripper shoes" because they're about the only women who wear them.



    A more general rule is that girls who wear extreme platform heels tend to be overtly sexual and looking for sexual attention, unless they're more of the "goth" or "alt-girl" boots (think: Abby from NCIS), in which case, that style is less sexual and more associated with the goth/alt/punk look (which has a sexual component, but not the primary focus).

    • ya I hear ya with those stripper shoes... personally I think theyre ugly... tacky and do nothing for me they look awkward

  • Thigh/knee high leather boots combined with denim shorts just says she wants some

  • I've heard people say lots of stupid things.


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