Cute/Sweet simple text messages.

I'm currently in a long distance relationship and I adore this guy a lot. I want to send him the occasional cute text to let him know I miss him, I adore him, and to have a good day. I've used all of these. I'm looking for some new ideas. THANK YOU! :)


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    "i lost my teddy bear can I sleep with you?"

    "good morning beautiful, how was your night? mine was wonderful with you by my side, when I wake up and see your sweet face its a good morning beautiful day" its from a country song.

    theres a commerical that has 2 bunnies and one says "i miiiisssssss you!" and the other says "i wuvveee youuuuu!" its adorable they have it in a picture message that you can send from the computer.

    theres a video on youtube of a bird that sings L-O-V-E and dances

    hope this helped.