In your opinion, what brand of Makeup is good for clearing break outs?

There are people out there who wear makeup to cover blemishes, yet there are people who wear it to get rid of them. Which one are you? :)
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  • I wear makeup because I am insecure about my skin which has had acne since my 10th.

    The reason I started wearing it was that my older sister did and I wanted to look like her..

    Now I regret it intensely because all it does is cover up, maybe if you use BB cream but foundation and stuff will only make it worse.

    Because of my Acne, I have a lot of scars/blemishes.

    I didn't go swimming with friends without makeup until I really knew them an knew they wouldn't make fun of them. Now I am older it all seems silly but I still feel prettier when I am wearing some.

    I use Tea Tree oil, wash and toner zo make my scars go away. It also helped a bit with the acne.

    Also I don't use any cream for my face because most creams have a lot of hormones in them and that makes acne increase not decrease. Instead I use lotion, oil or BB cream (you have to use the right one!) for the skin and a good foundation for the darker spots!

    I kinda got of track, so YES to cover it up.


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  • I don't wear make at all, but I know people who haved used Mary Kay and Clinique to cover up and clear their blemishes . They've all gave it good reviews .

  • Don't rely on make-up to clear blemishes. Other products do that much better.

    If I were you I would look into a little product regiment for clearing up your skin and then get a concealer in a colour that is really close to your skin tone (a bit lighter is better than darker). Use it to hide anything you are uncomfortable about. Don't use it all over your face. If your skin is temperamental, you do not want to give it something else to react to when it is being good.

    Make sure to wash it all off and take care of your skin at the end of the day (or as soon as you get home, if you know you won't be going out).

    Also, don't let your anti-acne products dry out your face too much, or in the winter if necessary moisturize after. Makeup doesn't apply well to flaky skin.

  • Most makeup has terrible ingredients even when it does have acne fighting ones in them. From what I've seen people usually use a good acne fighting lotion or cream under their makeup to fight it not the actual makeup.

    All makeup is pretty much cones, wax, parabens, mineral oil, and color the only difference between the "acne fighting" ones is it's cones, wax, parabens, and mineral oil + usually either salicylic acid, glycolic acid, or benzoyl peroxide.. same stuff + medicine pretty much which is nice but with all the other crap in it it's not making much of a difference.

    If you do have acne that you're fighting the best thing to do is keep a clear face, but I think the lotion, primer, or cream under would work better often times than the actual foundation having the medicine in it

  • None. Makeup is never good for your skin. Its just that some aren't as bad a others.

    If you must use makeup I suggest a good primer.


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