Why would a guy still want to continue seeing you?

Even if you try to break it off with him? I told the guy I was seeing for 3 months that I wasn't into him - that we should break up. He told me the week before that he missed me and I felt bad, because I didn't feel the same (this after not seeing him for a week). I felt like he was starting to develop feelings for me, and I didn't want to end up hurting him. I was only looking at him from a casual standpoint. I felt we were too different and I told him that he deserves someone that was into him. He was trying to convince me to continue to see him in an "open" relationship. I told him that's not my style and I couldn't do that. I'm just curious...why would you want to continue seeing a woman who tells you up front that she's not into you? (We already had sex several times by the way).


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  • Perhaps he really, really likes you, and wants to try to change your mind.


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  • theres two reasons.

    number one, the guy really and honestly likes you.

    number two, he wants to see if you guys can just have meaningless sex.

    • He admitted to me that sex with me was amazing.