How do I use nail polish remover to clean sneakers? Are side effects to the shoe after?

I have some sneakers with white rubber sides at the bottom and they got dirty and gray. I heard nail polish remover works but how do you use it on the shoe? :O

And has anyone tried it and did the white rubber turn yellow after being exposed to the chemical? Or did it look perfect after? :P

Thanks! :D


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  • Don't use nail polish. Thy reason why you see the yellowing on shoes is because someone had the idea to throw them in the washing machine and dryer. The yellow is from the glue heating up and staining the leather. Unfortunately it's also more prevalent in cheaply made shoes like Walmart and Payless. If you're trying to keep your white shoes white and colors vivid, use isopropyl alcohol aka rubbing alcohol, it's cheap and comes in smaller packs for on the go use. It's ALS helpful on pretreating clothing while you're out.

    • oh OK does isopropyl alcohol have any side effects on the shoes? :P

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    • Is it sad a (straight) guy knows about this and cares about his appearance? Lol I guess look at my Facebook (address is in my profile)... I'm far from vain but I believe how a man cares for himself is a good indication on how he treats his woman (my grandfather taught me that).

    • Haha I think it is a super good thing! :P Much better then guys that don't care! :P

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