What do you think about this new "trend" in fashion ads?



Let's put our analyzing helmets on and analyze the shit out of this.

Do you agree with what the article said about why designers do this? Or do you have your own explanation? Do you like it? How do you generally feel when you see an ad like this?


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  • 1st - it isn't a 'new' concept at all...

    2nd - I don't agree with the columnist's view that, "This obsession with death isn't so surprising, when you consider it as the obvious and ultimate end point of a spectrum in which women's passivity and silence is sexualised, stylised and highly saleable."

    3rd - Her final opinion is just that, purely opinion. "If the sexualised stereotype of a woman in our culture is passive and vulnerable, the advertising industry has worked out that, taken to its logical conclusion, there is nothing more alluring than a dead girl."

    4th - lets look at who & where this blog is coming from... it is very very telling of the biases of the writer. if you don't have the same biased view from the start, this blog is just silly.

    5th - has the woman that wrote this actually seen some high fashion shows? this is not shocking, new, out there, or weird compared to some other shoots.

    - so I cleary don't agree with the writer.

    - without actually asking the designer, there is no way to know what the reasoning is behind their design/layout. zombies & related 'dead un-dead' beings are for some reason still a trendy thing in pop culture.

    - I don't like or dislike it.

    - I don't feel any way about it. most of the clothes have a bit of a 'gothy' dark look to them (almost wintry or night-time feel, which makes sense for scarey things & death). there is also a bit of gangster (not gangsta) look which makes sense for those ads. they are all OK photo shoots. if someone thinks the way the writer does, dead (silent & defenseless) is the epitome of hotness, then they likely have issues of their own.

    - there are photo shoots fashion shows with the genders reversed, makeup to look like corpses, dead men, submissive men, etc. this seems like an article about nothing unless you have an agenda...

    • I agree with your opinion about the columnist. When I read that paragraph, I also thought she was just making a big deal out of nothing.

      The ads probably only want to tell people how you can look so good in our clothes, even if you're dead. And she made it into a feminist thing.

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  • The article is getting worked up for the wrong reasons. It's got nothing to do with sexualizing violence and vulnerability, it's a culmination of two things - our current love for all things zombie, and pure arrogance - sending the message that in "our" clothes, you'd look hot even when you're dead.

    • It's also a play on the phrase "won't be caught dead in ".

    • That's what I thought as well. I think the ads just want to show that you'd look dashing in our clothes, even if you're bleeding and bruised and lifeless.

  • I don't follow fashion trends at all hell I wear stuff from the 40s and 50s I wear what makes me look good and what is comfortable and what I want to wear not what society thinks is the next hottest thing.

    • I agree with you. Wear what you're comfortable in and create your own fashion.

      But my question was what you think about the ads.

    • Easy I think there stupid.

  • In most cases, the clothes are very obviously inspired by film noir (which was a big trend this past Autumn), and the advertisements simply reflect that. There isn't much more to it than that.

    link link link link


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  • I think they use corpses to emphasize the idea of "naturally beautiful" - that you don't have to do a single thing to be beautiful - you just are. Just guessing here. Or maybe a lifeless poise where you don't move around.

  • Bizarre, Weird, Uncanny, call it whatever it is that.

    I don't know how it is fashion. I don't understand this trend either. -_-

    I didn't notice the designer or material, I noticed the scene.

    • me too. It's like with the time when they used kids. The shock took my attention away from the style

  • I think people have been and will always be interested and fascinated with the macabre. Not all people, of course, but MANY.

    Look at most of the popular things these days, almost all are at least a little macabre.

    I personally don't care about fashion ads or fashion models, alive or dead... but I'm not surprised to see this. The runway usually looks like walking corpses too, especially because of the way they do the makeup, and they make themselves look dead and emotionless.

    • I often wonder, why don't they make the models smile? Smiling people are just SO much more pleasant...

    • Bulimia must make their teeth look bad :-P

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