Makeup. Guys how do you really feel about it?

I'm curious to know what really are Guy's thoughts on Girls wearing makeup?

I don't wear makeup, well sometimes I would put on mascara. I feel like guys tend to overlook girls with natural beauty and go for girls who wear make up from mascara to fake eyelashes, from lip gloss to bold lipstick and don't forget the eye liner and foundation.

I have nothing against makeup I think if done right and or professional; it really looks beautiful. But guys what are your opinions?


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  • guys say they hate makeup but they honestly don't even know a thing about makeup. Think of it this way: as a kid, when you didn't wear any makeup, you most likely couldn't tell when an older woman was wearing makeup. But, you could tell if she was pretty or not.

    But, when the girl you saw was wearing amy winehouse eyeliner and giant fake eyelashes, you could tell.

    So basically what I'm getting at is that if your makeup brings out your natural features, flatters you, and is mostly natural, the guys can tell that it flatters you and are attracted to you.


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  • I like some light eye makeup everything else is disgusting. Especially blush and lipstick. The natural lip look ALWAYS looks better.

  • I trust the girls to know what they're doing.

  • I much prefer natural beauty and the girls who are proud enough to show it any day over make-up.

    Also, for make-up to be done right, you shouldn't notice it. The less you notice make-up, the better job has been done.

    The girls who wear lots of make-up are just trying to stand-out, but that doesn't mean they stand-out for the right reason.

    I think some guys go after attention-seeking females, just because the attention-seeking females are perceived to be easier. It has nothing to do with them being more attractive.

  • Personally I'm not attracted to girls who wear a lot of looks awful to see it caked on and then you see it on their clothes and stuff. Same thing with fake tan...dont see why women love it so much. Then again, I do like the natural beauty types who aren't obsessed with makeup and looks


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