Any radical feminists here?

I just stumbled onto the term and looked around. Apparently I've been oppressing people and didn't even know it, lol!

Apparently, guys shouldn't:

a. exist

b. want to make babies

c. look at girls

d. ask girls if they want to bump uglies

e. have money or power

f. speak

g. EVER touch a woman, even if she says yes.

I think the whole idea is kind of goofy, but I'm a man so by their standards, that's just to be expected because I was raised to not value their "truths". (tries not to giggle)

What do you think?
  • Down with the Patriarchy! Cut off all the dongs!
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  • Um.... Okaaaaay.......
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  • They just never met the right guy, and with that tude it ain't much of a surprise.
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  • And where did you find this moronic retarded version of feminism? You can't re-define something based on YOUR perception and put it out there as real. If you don't understand a subject, you can't write, post or engage in a proper debate about it.

    I don't know enough about, for instance, surgery, so I can come on here and post my limited, uneducated impressions and expect to actually be taken seriously?!

    At your age, if you have or had any college education, you'd understand the basic requirements of critical thinking and then also what it entails to have a point and support that argument with actual facts. However, my bet is you aren't exactly up to the task.

    And the manner in which you treat the subject in itself is very telling about how you view women as inferior creatures not to be taken seriously. Sort of proves my point without me having to even say a word - thank you!

    • Someone's a bit touchy. That time of the ...maybe not the best joke... ;-)

      Hey, I can and did make a list of what I thought the basic tenets of "Radfem" seemed to include. Care to enlighten us? I actually agree with a lot of feminism. I see women as my equals unless they do something to change it. That should be clear below.

      Whatever. I saw folks saying the stuff above. Thought I'd ask if you agree. Is it yes or no?

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    • It is a form of bullying to target someone in public and make fun of them. You started this all with your hateful, sexist comments to that other girl whom I was defending. Real simple, let's keep it honest. But again, you've proven me right, you outwardly blame others for your actions. Man or women, we need to own our actions rather than shift blame on others. That's exactly what you did in blaming feminism to the girl in the first place. Take responsibility at least if you want respect.

    • Anyway, this is the LAST time I will comment or respond to you at all. Good luck and take care.

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What Girls Said 8

  • Guys have to exist because I adore them :P

    Making babies when both parties agreed are Good

    Being checked out by guys is good too , I like :P

    I find their thinking weird tbh

  • Some people just take things too far.

    Everything in moderation is fine. It's when you take things too far, that's when it's going to turn into something bad.

  • What do I think?

    I think that the obsession in some circles with the mythical Straw Man Phantom Menace known as "The Radical Feminist" is positively hilarious.

    • No obsession here. Just kind of a bemused curiosity. Garden variety feminists are reasonable and therefore boring. ;)

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    • "Radical Feminism" as defined above in A through G is a mythical Straw Man Phantom Menace to which very, very few (if any) feminists actually subscribe.

    • I agree with you. It's ludicrous. One thing I've noticed though, in the fight against incremental socialism is that big movements sometimes set up straw men like this, just to make themselves seem reasonable in comparison. I was curious about whether there were any adherents here. It looks like there aren't

  • There are radical feminists

    But who is going to admit to being an extremist? Cause in the eyes of an extremist, they are *normal*

    They're around each other for so long that they're normal to one another.

  • I think they're being absolutely ridiculous, and it's a shame that people like to focus on their opinions and ONLY theirs when talking/thinking/doing research about feminism. People who do that are equally ridiculous imo.

  • Im with you, its goofy :P most feminists are crazy

    (note to feminists: I said most, not all, don't go crazy on me)

  • I am not a radical feminist.

  • I haven't seen any radical feminists here but there's a lot of rational feminists here. I've seen some extreme idiot mras here though.

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    • Aah. I don't think I'm one. but who knows? I figure the state should be completely gender blind, and treat the genders exactly the same. Then there's no way it's discriminatory. I think people should be free to pursue happiness however they want as long as they aren't hurting or robbing anyone, and that freedom includes a right to be an ass if I want to. :-) Am I an MRA? :-D

    • Exactly but radical feminists and radical mras are ruining that

What Guys Said 7

  • like any position someone can take a stance on there are people who will be radical about it. The sad thing is that it really only does a disservice to the cause in general.

    - so a white person who wants to say that due to political correctness, or affirmative action or may have a legit concern about an imbalance of benefits given to minorities will be discredited by the radical white power person standing behind them

    - the black person who has legit positions on persistance discrimination is discredited by the black guy who calls everything that happens to black people racism

    - the palestinian who has legit concerns about America's involvement in israel/palestine/gaza is discredited by the radical Muslim

    - and the woman who has legit issues with the residual gender gap will be discredited by the screaming woman who complains that men should not exist.'s actually quite sad that real issues (or even awareness of issues) are often muted or sullied by the person who screams loudest, ardent and vehemently.

    • It's to the point where the feminism haters don't know what feminism is.

    • Opponents of a movement seldom miss an opportunity to spotlight the crazy ones at the extremes. Then it's tougher for the rest of us to figure out how common the extreme viewpoints really are. It's an old tactic. The only counter to it is to calmly and honestly discuss the issues involved. That requires effort though, so it ain't likely to happen all that often.

    • i agree it requires discussion to sift through the b.s... unfortunately (in this case for example) some guys will immediately take a defensive stand on any topic of feminism because they've been bombarded with the radical POV and thus a rational conversation gets derailed.'re 100% right feminism haters seem to hate the radical feminist viewpoint and thus hate feminism by association

  • I like feminists (REAL feminists), not radical ones.

    Hell, radical religious types, radical patriarchy mindsets, radical most anything makes me want commit suicide, simply because it's mind blowing how human beings can reach that level of illogical stupidity.

    • Oh I'm with you on regular feminists. I got no beef with women wanting to be every awesome thing they want to be. I just don't think I should feel guilty for admiring em or being turned on by their awesomeness or wanting to be close to the really awesome ones.

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    • From their literature on the web I don't think many of the truly radical ones will ever drool over one of us. They seem to cross the line from wanting to empower women, and want to disempower men.

    • I would never want to meet one, hell, wouldn't want to wish that on my worst enemy. I've met some pretty strong feminists before, and they were already nearing illogical and unreasonable thought. Ever heard of Udolpixie on here? Probably around that level, like 8/10, and even then I wouldn't call her a "radical" feminist.

  • Just a bunch of crazies I hate radical feminists with a passion they want to a pick a fight with me I will give them hell in a hand basket. I am all for women being able to vote or work if they want but these people take it to a extreme and are just a bunch of crazy stuck up women who were hurt by bad people and decide to take it out on all men.

  • I am. How dare you breath my air you insect!

    No but that web site doesn't represent feminism. It may even be created by people trying to undermine it. It's a troll site. Take a college course on it and it has nothing to do with this propaganda.

    • Oh come on yadas joke about they're making sandwiches was funny (._.)

  • Strawman fallacy: link

  • C is the option I chose

  • Today any feminist is a radical feminist. Unlike years ago, there is zero justification for feminism now. Any woman who identifies as a feminist now, whether she realizes it or not, is just perpetuating anti-male sentiment while accomplishing nothing positive.

    • Is this a radical feminist source?: link link I don't think so.

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    • jacquesvol - this last link is not about the gender pay gap myth, per se, but is related directly to it in the sense that it is the sole reason behind why people like you still believe. link

      QA, you're exactly right.

    • jacquesvol - in case you're a more visual learner, here's a video that should help: link

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