What qualities do guys look for in a girl?

What qualities do guys look for in girls? Humorous, fit, smart, etc?


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  • Fit - got to face it, a woman's look matters. Is it everything? No. But it matters.

    Style - go ahead and wear that babydoll in the bedroom, that's fine, but I'm interested in a publically available whore. Those services can be bought in LV anyway. It can look sexy, but it's got to stay sharp and just keep it working the imagination. Nothing trashy, so ditch midrifts and bellbottoms.

    Class - She's got to talk smooth. Even if the subject is guttertalk, she's got to put an elegant spin on it and avoid the crass way of putting things. Keep the profanity down unless its essential and used sparingly, if at all. Loud bursts of passing gas, burping, or uncontrolled drunkenness are not classy.

    Poise - Does she laugh at herself when someone makes a jibe, or does she fizzle over showing incontinence of temper? She has to be able to hold herself. I don't want to feel like I have a grenade next to me with the pin primed.

    Body Language - I hate fidgeting, hair twirling, foot tapping. Hide it or get it under control. A woman who schools her features sends a powerful message.

    Humor - I'm not really a big one on this, but basic laughability is a must. She can't be dense or have such a pinched nose that nothing is funny to her. Granted she doesn't have to be a comedian, being in possession of a sense of humor is important.

    Either Smart or Outsourcing Smart - Not everyone needs to be smart, as there are plenty of smart people in this world to do all the thinking for them. I am not referring to deciding her personality or controlling her; I mean simple division of labor. You do not put someone who failed basic math in charge of the household budget, its simple common sense. You do not ask someone who has done little to no thinking about something to make a decision about it without at least giving them time to research it and request a committment that they do. She either has to be smart, or at least have the sense to bat her pretty eye lashes and ask me to figure it out. It becomes a problem which she insists on doing neither. I honestly don't care which, I just don't want to see the ship get wrecked, the budget in ruins, etc..

    • typo under Style- *not* interested in publically available...

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  • it's different for each guy


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