I just don't understand why I never get asked out? I am either ugly (which I am not), too shy or undateable.

I am always told what a great girl I am and people always comment on my looks why have I never had a bf


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  • It could be a good thing. Usually the guys that approach you are arrogant assholes anyways. So maybe find a guy you like and talk to him instead of waiting for guys to like you.


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  • One possibility is you're TOO good looking. Speaking for myself, I tend to stay away from women who are what I call "beauty queens" aka "princesses" aka "women who are out of my league". Another is that you have a disagreeable disposition or look unapproachable, which is harder to pinpoint.

    But you might want to take the initiative yourself, whatever the case. That is, if there's a guy you look, make the first move.

    • I agree with this comment. If you really are a perfect 10, its only a matter of time. But maybe you just need to develop your social skills, or change a few flaws, you should know what they are...other than that yeah, you could try making the first move, some guys (like myself) appreciate that...

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