Was this girl checking me out?

I went to a laser tag place with some buddies :p

As I walked in I noticed there was this lady looking at me and so I looked at her for a second then looked away. I didn't really get a good look at her face because it was a bit dark in there so I didn't really stare or paid attention to her that much. After we were done with a game I noticed she would look at my direction. At this point I had a really good feeling she was checking me out. I also looked at her boyfriend that was next to her and I think he noticed what she was doing as well because he was just like looking at me and giving me this weird look..

But yea we went out to the lobby to wait for the score and this girl would like turn to the side and look at me while I was sitting down by myself by the couch(used my peripheral vision to see that). I decided to move somewhere else where my friends were at and she would again turn to glance at me. At this point I had a feeling she was checking me out but I didn't really care that much.. So after we saw our score, she and her friends/boyfriend left. So as she was walking towards the door she glanced at me for a second and I looked at her as well and as soon as I glanced at her she averted her eyes to the side quickly and then a second later looked right back at me(At this point I had a good feeling she was checking me out so I kind of gave her like a "smirk/subtle smile" back hahah) and after I gave her that subtle smile/smirk she again averted her eyes and looked away. I also noticed that when I smiled at her, her posture like changed ? Like she stood up straight or something to seem more dominant or sexy? I don't know lol.. I found this to be a bit strange. But yea, do you girls think she was checking me out? It seems like it but I pretty much always second guess myself and that is why I'm asking.
At that moment I definitely had a gut feeling that she was into me. The only thing was that she had a boyfriend... well at least that's what my friend told me.


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  • haha totally unless you had something ridiculous on your shirt that she was staring at. half of her interest though was probably the building tension between you two with both of your furtive glances back and forth, but if she wasn't into you she wouldn't keep checking if you were looking back. I say this with one caveat: girls who are scared of guys will check if they're being watched but these are furtive glances and usually the intention is to quickly look without getting caught - not to make eye contact... does this help? lol I think I just confused myself.

    • No I was dressed nice that night and I'm sure I didn't have anything on my shirt. Lol, so a girl who is afraid of a guy will take quick furtive glances to see if the guy is looking at her?

    • if she's not sure, yes. but she does not want to attract more attention by making eye contact so it's definitely as subtle as possible. that being said she might look at you, hold your gaze for a second and look away embarrassed if she likes you... this shi**'s complicated lol I understand why you asked this question

    • Lol, yea it is quite complicated hahah. But I can kind of see what you're trying to say.

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