Do guys "read" a girl's style choices?

For example:

If a girl always wears dark nail polish, would you notice this fact and think "she must be this and this kind of girl"...

Or if she likes to wear red lipstick...

And do you connect a girl's favourite color to her personality? As in: if a girl likes red, she's bold and daring. Black, she has a dark side to her. Etc...

The reason I ask this was because I painted my nails with one finger on each hand a different color, and this guy I went out on one date with mentioned something about me being rebellious.


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  • I have three categories for girls style:

    1. Girls with long hair in dresses = probably dateable

    2. Girls in normal clothes = give her a chance

    3. Those fucking yoga pants = discard pile

    • why the third category? I thought guys dig those yoga pants because they show serious ass

    • LOL what is wrong with yoga pants

    • I prefer to date girls who dress more modestly/classy. I've seen too many hideous butt cracks to ever like yoga pants.

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  • My favorite color is red and I'm far from bold and daring

    • ...thanks for sharing but that's not what I was asking. Please read the question..

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    • So what? Free country, free site, I can do what I want as long as it's within reason, bitch

    • congratulations on being the biggest jerk today

  • Most guys do get an idea (or come up with an idea) on what kind of girl he's looking at after picking up signs from her style of clothing, makeup, acting, etc.

  • Yes, not really as much with nail polish or lipstick but usually how she dresses. Like over a semester of classes, I notice which girls dress nice and which ones do not.

    • what's your definiteion of nice and not nice?

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    • because they're just too tight. They reveal everything. The material is thin... it's different than skinny jeans, as I'm sure you've notices.

    • Yeah, I wish girls would wear tights and pantyhose more.

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  • This answer might sound a bit self centered but I'm a perfect example of this.

    I'll wear pink shirts and skinny jeans and I'll wear make up but do I act like a "girly girl?" No. I hang out with guys. I played football, hockey, and field hockey in high school. I fight fires and build weapons for a living, is that girly?

    My favorite color is read, when I'm shy and introverted.

    You know the saying don't judge a book by it's cover, right? Please use it.

    Sorry I can get very sassy at times.

    • hey don't attack me, I was only asking...

    • Read the last line please. I just take offense to this and that's why I was being sassy. I know it was wrong but stereotypes get me mad.

  • To an extent yes. My favorite color is red and I'd consider myself bold and daring. I'm also a bit of a rebel. Guys can get a sense for your personality by the way you dress but that depends on the occasion.

  • Good question :)

    Oh I guess he just thought you were being different by doing that

    I think he was just making conversation and not thinking about it that much


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