We stare hardcore at eachother?

I've liked this guy for about a year and I've always been to shy to strike up any conversation. But the weird thing is we are always looking at eachother. Like we both scan the room for eachother and lock eyes then are constantly looking at eachother, blushing, and looking away over and over. But he's never tried to make any move on me. What is going on? Is he into me or what?


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  • He is probably shy like yourself, and is waiting for you to make the first move. But if you are the same way, then how are you both supposed to get together? You see what I mean, sweetie? You are just going around in circles, not getting anywhere, and already a YEAR has come and gone. Now you are going on TWO years...Why not make the move yourself to go up to him, when you can both be alone, and start the conversation. You would be very surprised that "small talk", after awhile(and it has been AWHILE), can go a "long ways."))Good luck.


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  • Yes, but he's a pussy...


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