Can a guy drop his jaw out of nervousness?

I noticed this guy I like did something interesting when I made eye contact with him the first few times.

I would look at him and make eye contact briefly and he would quickly raise his eyebrows a little and drop his jaw and then quickly break eye contact.

I noticed both times he did that he was a little nervous when we talked. He had a ton of trouble looking at me and every time I smiled or laughed he looked at me quickly and looked away nearly instantly. I could tell he was nervous from the way he was talking. I also got the idea he felt uncomfortable.

Guys, have you ever dropped your jaw out of being nervous?


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  • nope not at all. This is usually only happens if I'm with my girlfriend and just staring at her like a idiot. She caught me couple times with my jaw open.

  • I usually keep my mouth open unknowingly when I'm really focused on something or thinking hard.


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