Why can't women just admit they want good looking guys?

I don't understand why its so hard to admit that's what they want? Its almost as if their afraid of being called out for it. Aren't women the ones who are always saying looks shouldn't/don't matter to them? But 100% of the time their the ones dating the good looking guys. What makes me laugh is these women who say they'll give the average, below average and ugly guys (like myself) a chance, are usually the ones who pick the good looking guys no matter what. So why the lies? Why can't women just admit the truth when it comes to looks? Just say look I find you ugly you will never be good looking to date now, get away from me or I'll have you arrested. No instead they play mind games and trick the poor non good looking guy for fools. Then these poor bastards walk up to these women ask them out and get laugh at and made fun of.. But yet us guys are the shallow ones.


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  • Women lie more often to men. Women lie to others. Women lie to themselves. Women lie when there is no reason to. Women will even lie about lying. That is why most women don't know what they want, and why men have a hard time understanding women. Once you learn women are as shallow as men, but refuse to admit it, understanding women becomes a lot easier.

    Study after study kept making men look worse than women because the women were lying, and the men were being honest. Anytime researchers even put a fake lie detector on the men and women, the men would continue to answer about the same. The women on the other hand, fearing they would be caught by what they thought was a real lie detector, finally ended up with answers that resemble the same answers the men gave. These experiments have shown that women are far more likely to lie than men.


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  • Looks DO matter. They just don't matter nearly as much as everything else. Personality, morals, values, common interests, etc are what truly matter in a relationship. If an average looking guy has those, he'll have no problem getting a girlfriend.

    • Disagree because I've been told I'm average even though I know I'm ugly, I can have the things you listed and still get turned down all because I'm not some good looking guy girls seem to want.

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    • Yeah I am serious. It doesn't matter how much he's gonna make, as soon as women here the word Psychiatrists their thinking $$$$$. Its like when you tell a women you flip hamburgers they look at you like WTF get a way from me and get a real job. But you mention your a Dr, Lawyer, Dentists or some other high payimng job Its Oh wanna go out and do something?

    • Dude I think it’s just your self-esteem. If you don’t see yourself as attractive, than your attitude and behavior will reflect that kind of feeling. Try building yourself up and you may draw some attention.

  • There, there. OK here's the real deal. You're right - to a point, and then you aren't right also.

    Of course women are attracted to male beauty, just as men are attracted to female beauty. I will use myself as an example.

    When I was a teen, yes looks were all I went by at first, but this did not produce good results. As I grew older and knew more guys and of different ages, my tastes changed and expanded. I still appreciate a pretty face and a good set of pecs, but I also appreciate what I call pleasant faces. A pleasant face is not really handsome, but not ugly by any means, just sort of average, so I made ave. my new "cute". Now it did take me a good many years to do this, so don't hold your breath about the women/girls you are meeting.

    Look around you, look at married couples, how many times do you see what I call a plain man with a really pretty woman? I see it a lot! Now those plain guys have something on the ball to get those women!

    So, based on your writing and perhaps your experiences, you believe that you maybe be plain or even ugly. I would encourage you to do a few things. One stop saying that to yourself, or I'll have to take away your guy card. Part of being a guy, a guy looks in the mirror (and it Doesn't matter what he looks like ) and he says to himself - "I look good", that's part of being a guy. If you didn't get that, work on it.

    Next get some honest assessment. Could you use a hair makeover, clothes update, posture check, have you worked on your body. What about your character? How's your self esteem? If it's low, you should work on this first and then try to meet someone.

    Find someone who will point out your most positive traits and then you can always say to yourself, yeah, well, I have a nice smile, cute little ears, and I think she was checking out my pecs (or whatever you have). Do whatever it takes, believe in yourself. We all face the images that we will never live up to, but there is only ONE YOU! No one appeals to everyone, just keep trying and don't give up on yourself!

    • What the hell are you talking about?

    • sorry, my apologies, I didn't see your age and assumed you were much younger, revised answer, most females are still taught "to be nice" and it's just not nice to say right to someone's face "sorry, I'm not attracted to your looks" but you are right, it would be more honest.

    • Oh OK. I know I'm ugly I just wish someone would tell me instead of me making a fool of myself.

  • I admit it. Initially, looks draw me in. However, there was one guy who was not so handsome but a friend and later on I did like him. I want to say NO girl I know was ever so cruel to laugh at a guy for asking her out just because he was not good looking. Chemistry is there, or not, but we aren't cruel about it like men are. Honestly it's men who have the capacity for more serious cruelty in lying to girls to sleep with them all the time.

  • Dude, I know you're gonna deny all that I'm gonna say, but I want those two points anyway.

    Yes, we do like ourselves a handsome fella. You know what we like even more? A fella who doesn't bitch about shit. If I were to choose between a bitchy hottie and a reasonable plain guy, I would choose the latter. Seriously, there are tons of guys who fall into the average cathegory, but I have met very few despicably ugly lads. Surprisingly enough, proportions seem to be kinda different in the female sex - many women are hot and many are ugly, with very few being in the middle ground. With guys it's the opposite. But I digress.

    PS If it makes you feel any better, I've been called "an ugly bitch" on more than occasions. There's a Jill for every Jack, I guess, and just as I'm not the Jill for every guy, you're not the Jack for every girl.

    • Again why should I or any other non good looking guy believe this? Stop kidding yourself with I would choose the plain guy over the hot one bs. We both know that's a lie. I bet those guys who called you an ugly bitch still wanted to date you. That's the difference between men and women. Men will date whomever, women will date only the best of the best period.

    • Most guys' looks are redeemable by pleasant disposition and you don't seem to have any, to be honest. To be clear, I'm talking about the slightly-below-average-and-up range here, if your face looks like it's been ran over by a truck then it may really be an issue, but I doubt that.

    • No but my face scares women and children.

  • I want a good looking guy.

  • You're obviously referring to *some* women... like *some* men only care about looks, *some* women also only care about looks. However, that doesn't mean EVERY woman only cares about looks.

    It's very frustrating when you're asked your opinion on something and the only response is, "No, you're lying about what matters to you." People don't bother with people like that for long, know what I mean?

    Are there people out there who only care about looks? Absolutely. You'll get no argument from me on that.

    But does that mean ALL people only care about looks? Of course not. There are SO many people in the world, to say every single one is the same is ludicrous. Not to mention, I've seen some pretty ugly people have wonderful, lasting relationships. If what you say is true, they'd all be single forever, right?

    I hope you meet some good people soon and they're able to help you see that everyone is different :-)

    • But does that mean ALL people only care about looks? Of course not. So your telling me you'd date a guy with no job, car, or good looks over someone who does have these things? Yeah righttttt? I wish women would just admit the damn truth about who they like. Instead they just ignore the question and call the guy bitter. What else is new. Those ugly people only exists in movies and TV and those people dating ugly people are blind or given up.

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    • Typical assumption, but a wrong one.

      But like I said, you make it impossible for people to even WANT to help you. I do wish you the best and really do still hope you find a good person to be around so that you'll realize how wrong you are.

    • I never said I didn't want help? I just hate when women lie about who they like. You know I'm right about women ignoring ugly men why is that so hard to admit?

  • No need to admit we all know looks do matter.

  • Dear whitechocolate001,some girls don't want to admit it because many guys will get offended and bitch about it.Non good looking guys do not get treated badly unless they are going after those hot bitches who know guys want them for their look.I have dated non good looking guys in past and most of the time they were the one who mentally abused me for some reasons.

    • I agree with you. As I read his question, I wonder what kind of girls does the QA approach? When men ask these types of questions out of bitterness towards women, one thing they don't realize is that they're going for the girls that are total hotties and cuties, whereas they are average themselves.

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    • You can date whoever you want to,but one thing you need to get prepared is the consequences of choosing them.No,we don't call guys pigs for wanting a good looking woman,since we know guys are very visual creatures.We call you pigs when you moan about how the rejected you.That's the difference that you need to know.I am always honest when comes to dating,though I know I will ended up getting called degrading names by the guys I rejected.

    • I've been called pig, ugly, fat, stupid etc from women so that I disagree with. But I well agree about be prepared part.

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  • I think it would be horrible if anyone, man or woman, told an interested person that they were ugly in general. I think you're forgetting the fact that what one person may see as ugly, another may see as attractive. I don't believe in "ugly people." Just because I don't see them as attractive, doesn't mean somebody is not completely in love with that person's appearance.

    Have you not heard the phrase "There's an audience for every body type?" There's p*rn of every kind on the internet by now. So there are obviously people who just love certain types of appearances.

    Everyone has their own preference of physical attraction. I think you're just stereotyping "good looking" into one category but honestly, there's women attracted to men in different styles of clothing, women attracted to muscular men, thinner men, toned men.

    If you look into the root of a lot of attraction, the positive attitude tends to win. A simple happy man who is optimistic looks good. A lot of women aren't necessarily interested in the guy's physical features 100%. They are interested in how he carries himself, his outlook, and so on. It's a combination of things and physical looks are not just rooted to somebody's body. There's a lot of other things that create that attraction.

    These "good looking guys" can lose all their attraction just by how they act in general. I've seen numerous comments by many women labeling these "good looking guys" as douche bags for being cocky.

    • I could be 6'5 buffed and still get ignored all because I don't have a good looking face. Most women want that douche bag type of guy but will never admit to it.

  • Most girl who want good looking guys don't have to admit to it because they already have one and you can see it for yourself.

    • That's true but I just want to know why they can't admit that's what they want. If their alone they should just yell out I only want good looking guys to date me.

    • That would be too easy.

    • But at least its the truth and guys won't call them names like bitch for only wanting to date good looking guys.

  • Because they don't need to. But an average guy can score any women of any rank, with the right weapons.

    • They don't need to what? Admit the truth or that they lie about who they like? By weapons you mean good looks, money and a nice car?

  • No idea. Most of the women lie on here saying it doesn't matter or hardly matters

    • Exactly and if a guy were to lie about a certain type of woman he, didn't find attractive he would get chewed up for lying about it.

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    • @ QueenPolo don't know if joking or serious? But any who agreed.

    • She's being serious. You can tell almost all of the women answers are lies

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