Whats the first thing you look for?

When you meet a girl, what stands out most to you? Physically or in personality


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  • I guess I noticed a pattern in girls I really like. I really like girls that stand on their own, kinda them against the world. Quieter (maybe even shy) girls. Although I haven't had a lot of success with these kind of girls. I don't know, I just feel more heart on the sleeve sort of thing. That being said (written) I actually go with more out going, fun, flirty type girls because I am percieved that way.

    • So like independant girls you mean? The ones that don't always need you? But still easygoing and laid back?

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    • I see. I guess they all can't be winners.

    • Haha no, not all of them.

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  • when I meet her, the physical appearance is most important, her personality has to be very very sh*tty to override her appearance..

  • well looks first

    then personality

    youre cute

  • Physically of course, we're not mind readers.

    • So if a girl wasnt the most attractive you wouldn't bother getting to know them?

    • I wouldn't say that. In fact, interpreting it literally, I stay away from the 'most attractive' woman in the room because she knows she's the best looking on in the room and will act like a complete bitch. Personality and energy can make up leaps and bounds, and a woman who maybe appears to be a 4 on the surface will appear to be a 7 with the right attitude and energy level.

    • Okay, that makes more sense. lol

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