She "accidentally" hit my butt?

We were walking through the mall and I teased her. She hit me a couple of times with a couple of papers she had, in like the arm and back but the third swing seemed like it was obviously directed at my butt. I made a comment about it and she just did this weird laugh and we kept walking. Later in the day she had a cord for something and again hitting me with it and hit my butt again. I make another comment and she does a similar laugh, getting quite again.

Her and few friends think I look like one celebrity and it came up in text once. I protested because I don't think I look like him, she basically said don't worry about it your better looking then him anyway.
Probably should have clarified that

question= is she into me as more then a friend?

she also throws into texting that I'm her "bro" or some deviation of it, making me think she friend zone me but then does the above as well


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  • i think she hit your butt on purpose and was flirting with u-and she confessed your hot..


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