Easy senior high school science course ideas?

Okay, so my mom asked me the other day what science I wanted to take for my senior year (which is this fall obviously), and I want a really light course, something easy without it looking like I’m being lazy (which I am). I’m wanting to go into a health-related career like becoming a midwife or doula or naturopathic doctor down the road, so I’ve taken physical science (not health related, I know, but yolo idk), biology, and am currently taking chemistry. I’m just looking for a light course for a high school science credit and since I’m homeschooled I can basically take whatever I want to. I just need something really easy for this next year that is health/pregnancy/nutrition related, if that even exists. Thanks yall ?


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  • I took anatomy for my senior year. It was okay not a horrible class since I had an awesome teacher! :)


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