Guys, have you ever dated a girl who smelled good all the time, even without body spray or perfume?

There is this woman at work that I'm really close to. We've decided not to date due to differences that would make a long term relationship not work. But she ALWAYS smells amazing. I can hardly describe the smell. It's kinda like a coconut-y, vanilla-y smell.

I've asked her time and time again, what body wash, body spray, shampoo, perfume etc does she use to smell so good. And she always says nothing. She even showed me her supply in her house of perfume and sprays. None smell like this smell that is always around her.

She just says that It must be her natural smell then. Pheromones maybe?

Guy's, did the girls you date/currently dating have a distinct smell to them that is really good? Can you try to describe it?

My most recent ex did not have anything like that. If anything she smelled like nothing unless she put on perfume.



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  • She's lying to you. No woman smells like coconut unless they have been using coconut lotion.


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  • It's probably her lotion

  • she probably uses coconut flavoured body lotion

  • I have a feeling that she's putting you on.


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