What ever happened to...

leaving things to the imagination? Why are clothes sooooo small?


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  • People try to compensate for their weaknesses by over-asserting their powers in other areas. That's why the stereotype of the dumb slut is so prevalent. She has no brains, so she puts out what she DOES have--a hot body. It's the way she reassures herself that she has value in the eyes of her peers.

    A girl with everything hanging out is practically screaming to the world "OK, SO I DON'T HAVE THE SMARTS BUT I GOT IT WHERE IT COUNTS!"

    People who are secure in who they are don't feel the need to strut their stuff. They have already found their self-worth in others' and, most importantly, their own perception of themselves. They don't feel the need to over-compensate because they have nothing to prove. THIS is the kind of person who is generally the happiest and most successful.


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  • Because people believe that they have to show skin in order to attract the other sex. We've become a society of immediate gratification therefore using less of our imagination and more of our immediate senses (vision). I personally prefer to have a little mystery.

  • Textile must be expensive: link

    • Haha. But on a serious note, I really think expensive apparel should be priced according to size...after all they ARE using more material on larger sizes and if it's something like good quality leather or silk, well then it makes sense.

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  • The industry thinks sex sells. And it truly does. What's better for a girl with no brains? Show off what she's made off. Literally. Sad, but that's how the world runs.

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