Can I get my eyebrows to grow back?

I used to have really pretty eyebrows when I was a kid. They were nicely shaped and thick in a lovely way, but then I accidentally cut them.

I shaved them after seeing my Mum do so and its been ten years to the day. The only problem is that my eyebrows are stuck. They haven't grown back since then and I don't know why!

I was wondering if there's anything I could try or do to get them back.

Help please :(


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  • Sweetie, I just so happen to be a connoisseur of "eyebrows, inc." Growing up as a girl, I took after my German dad for having dark, full eyebrows...although everyone always had told me they were nice, I was lucky to have them, blah, blah, blah. However, I didn't see "eye to eye" on any of that, so one day I began to "seize and tweeze" these busy brows, by not only using the tweezers, but using a---HAND RAZOR too. Wrong thing to do. From that day forward, my "German growth" never grew back, and I have had to DAILY---"fill in the gap", let's say. When doing my make-up, I also have to do a "make over" for "bare brows," and with years of practice, I became an expert eyebrow specialist. There are products on the market you can buy that CLAIM your brows will bloom again, but I never bought these, believing nothing probably would work at this point. I have consulted make-up artists who could "Tattoo" permanent eyebrows, but always was the fear they might "botch this up like botox", or make them as "dark as the hubs of hell", and I would end up even SORRIER than when I had shaved them at 17. So, instead I just "grin and----'bare it'"---and go to the store and purchase Maybeline Velvet Black eyebrow pencil-liner, and work my own magic.

    So, with all this being said, you can either leave them "high and dry," or "unstick yourself"and run out and buy some of these pencils. Hope I helped in giving you some---"pointers.":))xx

    • Hey dear, you definitely did help.

      I tried filling the gap but I'm too lazy to do that on a daily basis.

      I think I'll stick to rocking my brows as they are, and I'll be proud of them!

      I'm sorry you lost your brows too but its awesome to hear you haven't let that hold you back.

    • Although it is "time consuming" and a big pain in my butt, I feel "naked" when I don't have "something to fill in this gap." Good for you, sweetie, hold your head high..We "ex eyebrow" have to all stick together."))xx

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  • you could try using the same products that are used to regrow hair faster in people, The skin can't have been destroyed for them to ever grew back though

    • My skin is still A-Okay, just not seein a change in the eyebrow hair.

      Thanxx I might try that, just not sure bout the side effects.

  • So it's true if you cut your eyebrows they won't grow back. I always thought it as a wild tale whenever my mom would say that to be when I was younger.

    • Its not all true, I think it depends on how you cut them. I musta nicked something important, cause my friends cut their brows and theirs always grow back.

      Sigh, I just had to be the unlucky one.

      Do treasure your eyebrows.

What Girls Said 3

  • no they don't grow back. This hairdresser I went to cut mine of while cutting a my hair into a fringe. They haven't grown back I was 5 then 18 now. She cut them from the corner and they haven't grown back people compliment me on them not believing they are natural apparently it has a good shape :s

  • I don't think they will grow back.

  • apply some hair oil and massage well

    • Any specific oil?

      Its not dangerous usin hair oil on the face?

    • olive oil works

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