Should I tell her I like her hair longer?

My crush recently got a haircut, and it's a lot shorter than it was. She keeps saying things like, "I don't like it" because she likes it long. I also prefer it long on her, not to say that she doesn't look good with short hair too.

Anyways, should I tell her this, or just keep it to myself knowing she likes it longer anyways?


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  • I wouldn't say anything. From personal experience, I cut my hair short after having it real long and I really hated it. I was upset about it and the last thing I wanted to hear was people tell me that they liked it better long because that would've just upset me more. Tell her she looks good with the shorter hair to make her feel better about it and also mention that you liked it long too. Tell her she looks good either way and hair will grow back anyway.

    • Thanks, that makes sense. But if I tell her I think she looks good with the short hair, do you think she might get the wrong idea that I like it more?

    • No, that's why you start by telling her it looks good, but add in that she looks good no matter what the hair length. Whether you like it better or not won't really make too much of a difference if she likes it better one way or another. It's a nice compliment to tell her she looks good either way and it's a nice flirty thing to do, if done right. :)

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  • It probably would have been better to say that the first time you saw her with it.

    If you've waited too long, it'll sound kind of odd.