A few questions about bras?

I'm so curious about what's "normal" and what other women think and do. Ladies what are your opinions?

1) How many bras do you have?

Do you think you can you have too many? What's a normal amount to have?

2) How do YOU take care of yours? Do you hand wash them and all the things they say makes them last longer? Do you just throw them in the washer?

3) Have you ever found a really comfortable one? I haven't :/

If so, what is the brand/type?

4) Have you ever gone to get sized or actually measured yourself? Or do you just guesstimate and know what works for you?

5) Where do you usually buy them? Do you think its worth the money at a place like Victoria's Secret or are you okay with a Target/WalMart bra?


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  • 1. I have like 20 lol. you can never have too many bras:P I don't think there's anything wrong with the current amount I have. id consider it normal=] id say something like 50 at one time is a bit much:P

    2. well I throw most of mine in the washer, but the ones with pads that move a little I need to hand wash or else both pads end up in one boob lol

    3. YES! I don't buy them unless I feel sexy AND comfy in them:) id list brands but I don't think the US are familiar with them

    4. iv never gotten sized. iv just kept trying and I know what size I am.

    5. it depends on the bras function. if its for working out or casual wear then yeh I'm OK with a reasonably priced one. if it for a formal event or anywhere chic then yeh ill buy a bra that's slightly pricier, but nothing ridiculous=]


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  • 1) two. one for function and one for fashion. you can never have too many bras. I just don't have enough money for more.

    2) put them in a bra bag and stick them in the washer with my socks and underwear.

    3) yes it was a freya, but that's all I remember.

    4) yes, both. not that either one works. so I use trial-and-error.

    5) online from herroom.com no place around here has anything in my size. I wish I could get bras from vickie's secret.

  • 1. Two, but I mostly wear one. I don't see the point in having more.

    2. Just throw it in the washer.

    3. No, they all suck. I wear them as little as possible.

    4. I measured myself, but then it's a whole other challenge to find bra's that don't push your boobs together or spread them too far apart.

    5. I bought them at a lingerie store that isn't located in the USA.

  • I have about 8 I think, I don't think you can have too many, I am not sure what is normal.

    I put mine in the wash, hand wash cycle, and hang dry.

    I like body shade I think called from la senza, but not really the most comfortable.

    I have been measure at la senza and la vie on rose

    I buy them when my boobs change or the bras get too misshaped. I don't like the walmart bra I like higher end bras.

  • 1) 10 in total. I have like 4 sports bras.

    2) Throw them in the washer

    3) No but sports bras are really comfortable.

    4) Yes I got sized

    5) La Senza , Victoria Secret, La Vie en Rose. I get my sports bras from WalMart.

  • 1. I have too many bras hahaha. Maybe around 8... I have a couple comfortable bras and a few "sexy" bras. I have more bras than most other girls I know.

    2. I throw them in the washer and then hang them to dry.

    3. YES I found one that's super comfortable but I can't think of the brand. Just go to the shop and try some different ones on to see what you like.

    4. No I've never been sized. I measured myself when I was a teenager and have just adjusted my size when I needed it.

    5. Usually places like Target, Sears, Kohls, etc.

  • 1) About 10 regular bras, about 5 sports bras.

    2) It depends on which bra it is, if it is an expensive one I hand wash otherwise through in washer.

    3) Unwire (sold at herbergers) is the only bra I will get that's not VS because it's comfy.

    4) No, just measured myself.

    5) I only go to Victoria's secret really, definitely worth it. Also, it can be affordable if you get their coupons, promos,or shop the semi-annual sale making expensive bras as cheap as $15-25! The bras I have got when I was younger from like target would curl at the edges or break quickly.

  • 1 } Maybe 6-8

    2} Throw them in the washer. I know supposed to hand wash them.

    3} Real comfortable no.

    4} Measured myself it's not hard.

    5} Sears,Walmart where ever the sales are.

  • 1) Six. Four with straps and two strapless. No I don't think you can have too many... but I'm not sure what the normal amount to have is.

    2) I just toss mine in the washer with everything else.

    3) Yep! I have a couple that are super comfortable. I'm hoping they last as long as possible.

    4) I got myself sized once but it was a long time ago. I have a general idea of my size now.

    5) TJMaxx or Marshall's, or Target is where I usually go to look. If I had more money I would definitely shop at Aerie.


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